secureall system

Software Feature Summary
  • Open source Linux-based
  • Centralized real-time system control
  • Repository for system information and modification of access control data
  • No participation in access control decisions at the portal
  • Common APIs employed
  • Single or multiple system user oversight
  • User friendly GUIs for easy data entry & control
  • Real-time communication with readers via wireless routers
Software Benefits Summary
  • Short lead time system implementation
  • Low cost system and data management
  • Minimal skill level required for systems management
  • Multiple application & data base access
  • Customized activity analysis reports
  • Low cost, multi-function scalability
  • Multiple system integration
  • Distributed access control; autonomous decision making at each portal
  • Real-time alarm notification of out-of-spec conditions

SecureALL has developed a comprehensive, easy to use software application that acts as a repository for all system information, such as what system hardware is installed and active, who is carrying each U-Key and allowed portal access.

The server software is GUI based and extremely user friendly, requiring minimal effort to install necessary system data.  APIs are already available that allow SecureALL to directly interface with applications such as PeopleSoft, automatically importing available data without having to reenter information. Depending on how an owner wants to allocate responsibility for data entry and control, a single person can run the entire system or the database can be divided into segments and multiple people can oversee only that portion to which they are assigned. The system incorporates a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) intended to easily share data with other systems currently in use or those to be deployed in the future.

The application is also the first line of defense for notifying users about alarm conditions in the campus area for which they are responsible. If a reader unit has a low battery condition or a router is not properly communicating with its associated hardware, a flag shows up on the server home page, along with a detailed help menu explaining exactly how to fix the problem. Once all of the required steps have been followed, the alarm is removed. Supervisors can access the alarm pages of all their direct reports to ensure that conditions are being taken care of expeditiously.

A variety of customizable reports are available via the server software. "Exception only" reports can be used to easily view how the system is working or how well users are performing their assigned tasks. Greater detailed reports can also be generated if more information is required.

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