secureall features

Real-Time Disaster Evacuation Management
  • Detection of U-Key holders within a facility
  • Pinpoints location for rescue and evacuation
  • Tracking can be activated only during emergencies if desired
  • Centralized management control
  • Facility maps support locational tracking
  • Coordinates mustering with evacuation process
  • Independent of power availability
  • Prevention of loss of life
  • Minimizes personal injury
  • Reduces evacuation time
  • Opportunity for reduction in liability expense
  • Flexible implementation
  • Simplicity in activation
  • Limits damage expenses from quick evacuation

The electronic U-Key is a patented, multi-distance device. It allows a user access to a room at a couple of feet, access to a parking garage at 100 feet, and can be utilized as a tracking device at 300 feet or more, depending upon building construction. If administrators choose to turn on tracking capability, any person carrying a U-Key can be pinpointed as to their location. In the event of an emergency (fire, earthquake, tornado), this eliminates having to do a room-to-room search to find individuals that may be in jeopardy. Maps of each floor can be entered into the system to improve location identification.

The U-Key is battery operated. Trackers utilize “power over Ethernet (POE)” but come equipped with battery back-up that will last long enough to locate individuals trapped in a building. If trackers are damaged during the disaster, emergency response teams can bring in portable units that will perform the same job.

After a disaster, a critical need is to be able to count the number of individuals that made it out of a facility safely. Predefined mustering stations can be set up with SecureALL reader units that will automatically identify who should be at that station and who is actually present. A list of those that are missing can be instantly generated and additional searches started until everyone is accounted for. Automated disaster evacuation management will be a life saver.

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