secureall features

Real-Time Centralized Security Control
  • One U-Key required for all portals
  • U-Key access centrally programmed
  • Access decisions at door, not at server
  • Prescheduled or single event access
  • Simple lost U-Key removal & replacement
  • User profile retention and replication
  • Alarm for attempted lost U-Key usage
  • 70,000 U-Key capacity
  • End-to-end multi-layer encryption
  • Battery operated, extreme low power communication
  • User-friendly system management GUI
  • Complementary system APIs available
  • No licensing fees
  • Simple centralized access management
  • Maximum user convenience
  • Superior security & safety
  • Power outage insensitive
  • Distributed system robustness
  • Multi-function scalability
  • Large user population capacity
  • Single or multiple system administrators
  • Hack-proof security
  • Cost savings from:
    • license avoidance
    • reduced maintenance staff
    • no locksmith expense
    • liability reduction
    • integrated functionality
    • reduced theft
    • no power or data cabling
    • extremely long battery life

Most large organizations currently have a multitude of independent access control systems, including traditional key locks, electronic locks (mag card swipe, smart cards, key fobs) push button locks, mushroom buttons for physically challenged individuals, and the like. The electronic locks can be locally controlled or connected to a central control system. These independent systems require users to carry a multitude of keys. They also require a staff member to operate and maintain each system.

When a user loses a traditional key, especially if it is a master or sub-master key, it is extremely expensive and time consuming to re-key all of the portals. Even the electronic locks, which have local control, require the organization to delete ID codes from each lock one at a time and issue a replacement key, also a time consuming and costly exercise. If many individuals have access to a door with traditional keys and there is a theft or other vandalism, it is impossible to pinpoint a perpetrator. If it is necessary to identify an individual carrying a locally controlled electronic key, a staff member must go to the particular room in question and manually interrogate the lock.

SecureALL solves these problems by replacing all of the locking systems described above. All access control programming is done from the central server that communicates with routers (access points) through the organization's local area network, and then wirelessly to each of the SecureALL door locks. All communication is with multiple levels of encryption, equivalent to that used in online banking transactions. The door locks are battery powered, reducing traditional installation expense which requires both electrical and data connections. All the decision making occurs within the door lock itself (i.e. a distributed system) so if there is a power failure, the system continues to work flawlessly. Not needing any physical connection dramatically reduces installation costs and facilitates installing SecureALL equipment on every door, gate and garage throughout a facility.

Every individual in an organization carries a small universal key (U-Key) which grants them access to all allowed portals (doors, gates, garages, locked equipment, etc.). Access can be programmed for unlimited usage, specific days and times of the week/month/year, or single event entrance for one-time needs. If a U-Key is lost or stolen, that particular ID code can be immediately removed from all authorized portals and replaced with a new U-Key ID. The system remembers all portals to which an individual is allowed access for easy modification. Should someone find a lost U-Key and attempt to use it, access will not be allowed but an alarm will be sent to central security who can apprehend the perpetrator.

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